Sunday, June 18, 2006

Keyless Door Lock Batteries

Most cars come equipped with keyless entry systems. The keyless entry system increases the safety of a vehicle. It also reduces the likelihood of theft. There are many different types of keyless entry systems that use different types of battery power. There are many brands of keyless door lock batteries and systems as well.

Keyless door lock batteries can be made for a number of specific manufacturers. Some common brands include EveryReady, Panic Door, Room Safe, and Intellis to name a few. It is important to locate which brand of keyless door lock device you have when ordering replacement batteries.

There are a variety of types of door lock batteries. Alkaline is a very common type used in most batteries. Another type is NiCD or NiMH. Both are metal based batteries that are more powerful and efficient than alkaline batteries. An even more powerful type of battery that is relatively new to door lock batteries is Lithium Ion. Li-Ion batteries are said to last ten times longer than alkaline and nickel based batteries. Most new models of keyless door lock systems are now being equipped with Li-Ion batteries.

Keyless door lock batteries are generally not very expensive. Expect to pay at most $20. In some cases the entire unit may need to be replaced due to electrical problems or failure. While some keyless door lock remotes are relatively inexpensive, others can cost over $100. Price of the remote is something to consider when purchasing a keyless door lock system.

Keyless door lock systems are a great advantage for any vehicle owner. If the system is connected with extra features such as battery shut off it can give insurance breaks. With battery shut off, the car will not start unless unlocked by the keyless door lock remote. Another great feature to purchase with keyless door lock systems is remote start. This can start the engine without putting the keys in the ignition. On a cold day, a car can be warmed up without every going outdoors.

The keyless door lock system provides automobile owners with a variety of advantages. To maintain the system it is important to purchase the right type of door lock batteries, and also purchase quality batteries. Doing so will ensure the keyless door lock system will remain functional for its lifetime.

by: Angela Oliver

No More Distractions with Noise Reduction Headphones

The world is a very noisy place with loud, intermittent sounds and constant, droning noises – noise reduction headphones can help you get a little peace amongst the distractions of everyday life. Headphones can block out the myriad of sounds that occur in a variety of setting and are helpful to many different people.

Sleeping – If you have trouble sleeping, noise reduction headphones may aid you in getting some rest. Barking dogs, traffic, and awake family members can contribute to sleepless nights, and for those who are sensitive to noise when they're trying to sleep, noise reduction headphones create a sound-free environment so they can rest.

Playing Music – Musicians often use noise reduction headphones to help them block out sounds that may interfere with them hearing their instrument. Once the background noise is blocked, they are free to concentrate purely on the sounds they are making rather than the sounds around them. This creates an environment of total immersion into their music and allows them to perfect their work without being in a studio.

Autistic Students – Noise reduction headphones can also be used in the classroom to help autistic children. Often classroom environments can be distracting to children with autism. Headphones for the children help teachers instruct each student individually so others aren’t confused or distracted by the instructions for the other students.

Studying – Noise reduction headphones are very useful in situations where you need peace and quiet but can't always control the environment. Students who are studying may find noise reduction headphones helpful in blocking out the distracting sounds around them. Headphones create a peaceful world in which they can focus on their work, rather than environmental noises or the sounds of others.

Working – If you work in a cubical or an open-plan office but find yourself regularly distracted by people walking by, phones ringing, others talking, and the general chaos that can be office life, noise reduction headphones can make a difference. They can help you focus on the task at hand rather than everything going on around you which can boost your productivity and the quality of your work.

Noisy Neighbors – Living in an apartment building, condo or townhouse may include noisy neighbors. Depending on the thickness of your walls and ceiling, you may hear your neighbors walking around above, or hear their music or talking. Noise reduction headphones can block these sounds so you can enjoy being at home, even if the neighbors are loud.

These are only a few examples of the sorts of noise disturbances you may come across in daily life. Where once you had no choice but to be distracted, noise reduction headphones put you in control. Never again do you have to experience a sleepless night or a ruined project. Noise reduction headphones can be used to block out the noises around you: voices, car engines, train noises, barking dogs, loud offices, airplane engine noise, city sounds, loud neighbors, etc.

by: Lee Blue

Customize Your Mobile Phones Through Free Ring Tone Downloads

Customizing your mobile phone is one of the things we enjoy doing. Not only that we are giving our phones that good look, we are also making it as if it is our counterpart. From the hard covers and the backlights up to the different mobile applications installed in our phone, we make it as personal as possible in order to fit it in our standard way of living.

And luckily for us, different wireless specialist especially in wireless mobile application are trying to give different promotions like free downloads of ringing tones in order to lure their potential customers to purchase different mobile phone products and avail of a mobile phone service provider.

Well, let us discuss how we can avail of such freebie for our mobile phones.

Before downloading ringing tones, take into consideration two important factors:

1. Capability of your phone - Although having the same functions of sending SMS (short massaging service) or MMS (multimedia messaging service) and making and receiving voice calls, mobile phones still differs on its capabilities especially in software application.

Mobile designers continue to develop and enhance further certain functions of phones, especially when it comes to mobile photography and video messaging, and ringing tones. In order to find the right ringing tone for your phone, read its instruction manual and know its specification—whether it has melody composer, and other applications needed to avail of free downloads.

2. Format of ringing tones - Ringing tones comes in different formats, depending on the nature of its sound reproduction. Advanced mobile phone models are now configured to receive polyphonic and MP3 tones, which requires high storage of memory. Once you have known your cell phone specification, be aware also of what ringing tone format to install.

Now that you are aware of the factors aforementioned, let us now proceed on how to download free ringing tones. First step is to browse which website offers free downloads of ringing tones.

Once you have found which websites are offering such freebie, determine which is the best downloading procedure is fitted on your phone depending on its capability. There are two downloading procedure available: the key press format and the WAP downloading format:

1. The key press format is the most basic, eventually every mobile phone equipped with melody composer do support this kind of downloading format. The website will posts all the ringing tones in key press format, where you will see notes and the key it corresponds on the keypad of your phone. This will produce a monotone, and it is absolutely free. Just follow the instructions on the homepage and you are in the process of having your free ringing tone played in your phone.

2. The WAP downloading format can be used as a conduit in downloading free ringing tones especially if your phone supports wireless application protocol (WAP). WAP is also called the “wireless web”. Service providers include in their wide array of services this kind of function to facilitate actual download of the tones without actually composing it. If your phone supports this application, it is recommended that you use it for downloading contents.

Once you gained access of your WAP browser, just type the address of the site where you want to download your free ringing tone. From there you follow the instructions in the page, and wait for your tone to be delivered to you through WAP.

However, downloading using this format is not very free of charge— your mobile phone service provider is imposing additional charges if you avail your WAP service. What make it advantageous is that it is relatively cheaper if you will actually download ringing tone directly from your service provider.

It is now up to you if you want to avail of such free download. After all, the directions are just there, waiting for you.

by: Tony Brings